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Wedding Planning on a Budget

Here are some tips to help you plan the wedding of your dreams without going over your budget.


  1. Decide on a budget and stick to it. Don’t forget to keep track of your spending.
  2. Avoid getting married during peak wedding seasons. Choosing a midweek date in February or October, for example, will cost you a lot less than a Thursday or a Friday during the summer months.
  3. Choose a venue size you can afford and don’t let the guest list spiral out of control.
  4. Never accept the first price you get and make sure to check out more than one supplier. That way, you can negotiate with your favourite by showing them what their competitors are charging.
  5. The idea of getting a wedding planner to help you may seem extravagant, but it’s one of the best ways of controlling your expenditure as they will be working within your budget.
  6. Extend your engagement. Having more time to plan your wedding gives you a better chance of getting the suppliers you want within your budget.
  7. Look for a venue that doesn’t need a lot of decorations as they can significantly add to your costs.

8. If you want a grand tiered cake but your budget won’t allow it, consider substituting some of the tiers with artificial ones. Just make sure you don’t cut into the artificial tiers.



9.Consider having less blooms and more foliage. A few statement flowers surrounded by lots of greenery will look modern and stunning. Greenery is also the colour for 2017 according to Pantone, so, trendy as well.

10. Don’t spend money decorating every area of your venue with flowers. One big statement display will have more of an impact than lots of small, insignificant arrangements.

11. If your favourite bloom is quite expensive, using sparingly. You can use a bit of it in your bouquet and you’ll feel as if you’re surrounded by it during the entire even

12. Concentrate your floral budget on the areas in your venue where guests will spend most of the time and where lots of photographs will be taken.

    13. If you have a friend who’s a good photographer, book the basic package with a professional, and supplement them with the ones taken by your friend.

14. Opt for a DJ instead of a professional band or live music.

15. But, if your heart is set on live music, consider a talented friend or family member. You could also look for hidden talents who usually do small gigs or musical students, they would be happy to do it for the experience and a small fee.

16. Browse the internet for the little reception details such as cake toppers, decorations and wedding favours. There are many small creative establishments who will provide you with what you need for so much less.



17. f you’re having your wedding at hotel, for your first night ask if they have a honeymoon suite they could offer you as part of the fee.

18. Avoid travelling in peak season and consider postponing your honeymoon until temperature is cooler and rates significantly lower. (But, be wary of wet seasons and you might want to postpone any baby plans, as well)

19. Always ask hotels what extras they offer to honeymooners.

20. Be flexible about when and what time you travel; midweek, early and late flights are often much cheaper.



By: Allaa Farrag

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