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10 Steps Every Bride Should Follow To Plan Her Big Day

He finally put a ‘ring’ on it and you’ve decided to get married. Here comes the stressful part- planning your big day. It’s ONE day, so you might as well celebrate it RIGHT with your loved one and beloved family and friends. Don’t worry we’ve got your back, as always, and we are here to give you the very first steps you need to follow to plan your wedding day perfectly!

#1 Don’t panic


First things first and the most important part is not to panic. Your wedding is supposed to be a lovely celebration. Don’t let it give you anxiety attacks. Sit down with  your future hubby and talk about the details of the wedding however you both like it to be.

#2 Set a budget

After you have settled down what kind of wedding you want and which theme you would go for. Now, it’s time to talk money. Know exactly how much money you are willing to spend, that way you won’t go over budget. The budget will probably be the stepping stone that everything falls back to it.

#3 Visit Cairo Wedding Festival

Imagine a festival that has everything about weddings from wedding planners, cake decorators, to florist all in one place, wouldn’t you want to be there? This might help you find the right people for your wedding.  Cairo Wedding Festival kicks off its 4th season this year on the 27th of April, visit  https://www.facebook.com/cairoweddingfestival/ for more details.

#4 Choose a wedding planner

As hard as it’s to plan your own wedding, it’s not impossible, you can do it on your own with minimal help from your relatives. But some people don’t have the time or the effort to plan a wedding, in that case it’s better to hire a wedding planner. The planner will do everything for you and you wouldn’t worry about a thing as long as you are willing to spare some money out of your budget for the planner.

#5 Find a Venue

This is an important part, finding a venue for the wedding is usually based on the budget and the number of guests. If you have an estimate of the number of guests you want to invite, you can start finding the right venue for you. Put in consideration the kind of venue you want, whether you would want an outdoors wedding, a beach wedding, or a ballroom wedding.

#6 Set a date

Probably setting a date isn’t as flexible as you think, cause you will find most venues probably fully booked up to few months in advance. But you can pick which month would you like your wedding to be in. It all depends on whether you would like a winter, spring or a summer wedding.  

#7 Work out a guest list

The guest list is probably better to figure out early, to know who you want at your wedding and who you don’t want. When you work out the guest list, then you can start working on your invitations. It’s also better if they RSVP to make sure there aren’t any empty seats at your wedding. You wouldn’t want to pay money for a guest wouldn't show up.

#8 Find the perfect dress

The wedding dress is without a doubt the highlight of your wedding. Before you settle for a dress, you need to go through different styles and find out which style best suits your body shape. Try to find a dress early on, just in case you need to do any alterations. And the most important part is to find a dress that you are most comfortable in. Also, make sure that your dress matches your wedding theme, for instance, if you want a dress with a long running tail don’t have a beach wedding.   

#9 Find a makeup artist, photographer, and plan out those extra details

Figure out those other extra details at the wedding. Book a makeup artist, a photographer, find a florist, a DJ/band and a wedding cake decorator. All those things may seem like a hassle, but when you have a wedding theme on your mind and a certain budget, those things will come easy.   

#10 Plan your honeymoon


If your dream was to go to Thialand, Greece and Paris on your honeymoon, you can manage to go to all these places if you find the perfect honeymoon travel agency. You can choose your honeymoon travel package as you wish. It all depends on what you and your partner love. Whether you want to go on an adventure trip, safari, food-lover trip or a romantic one. All can be done with the help of an agency, so make sure you choose wisely and have the perfect honeymoon! 

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