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The Night Before & Wedding Day Checklists

After months of planning and exhaustion, YOUR big day is finally here! Here’s everything you need for it. First, don’t panic, most couples have been there and they have survived. You can survive too and in order to pass this stressful phase worry-free, we have made you a checklist that might make things easier.

The night before the wedding checklist (for brides & grooms)

☐ Rest well.

☐ Relax & try as much as you can to de-stress.

☐ Get at least 8 hours of sleep.

☐ Eat healthy (nothing that will give you stomach troubles the next day).

☐ Hydrate.

☐ Pack every small thing you are bringing to the ceremony, for example watch, perfume, cufflinks, etc. and preferably put the bag in the car so you won’t forget it the next day.

☐ Pack an emergency kit (sewing Kit, glue, bottle of water, energy Bar or snacks, tissues, Band-Aids, perfume, deodorant, Tide-to-go pen, painkillers, toothbrush, lint roller, gum or mints, phone chargers)  

The morning of your wedding checklist (for brides & grooms)

☐  Eat a healthy breakfast.

☐  Drink Plenty of water.

☐  Brides, have your dress and veil ready, maybe give them a last-minute steam.

☐ Grooms, have your tux ready and polish your shoes.

Few hours to the wedding checklist

☐  Know the exact timeline of the wedding.

☐  Charge your cell phones.

☐  Eat beforehand, we both know that your wedding day will be tiresome, don’t let it pass while you are on an empty stomach, it will make you grumpy and even more tired. Easily avoid this by eating a light meal and snacking every hour or so before the ceremony.

☐  Take the pictures you need before the ceremony, and right after you get ready. Make sure you take all the family and friends pictures you want.

☐  Don’t worry about other people’s problems, this is your day just take care of yourself.

☐  Remember your bridesmaids are here for you, ask for their help!

☐  Start with your pedicure & manicures, hair, veil and makeup as early as possible so you won’t be late for your wedding.

☐  Be on schedule.

☐  Remember to breathe. 

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