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7 Apps For Easy Wedding Planning

We know how stressful planning a wedding is, and what’s even more stressful planning it completely on your own. But, hey, guess what? We are here to help with this list of the best mobile apps that will make planning a wedding a whole lot easier. Try them out and see if they will take some weight off your shoulders.


1-Wedding Planner by the Knot (free)

*Available for both iOS and Android.


This app is created by the popular wedding magazine the knot. Consider this app if you wanna create a virtual personalised checklist of things to do, such as figuring out your wedding styles, planning an engagement party, figuring out your budget, deciding on flowers, picking out your headpiece, etc. The app also lets you plan your budget and offers a checklist. Give this app a try and start planning your big day stress-free.


2- WeddingHappy (free)

*Available on iOS.


How hard could it be if you just put in your expected date of the wedding and let the app do its magic?

The best feature of this app that it gives you a wedding day countdown, that way you will be in check with how many days left till the big day to make sure that you are right on schedule. This app suggests everything you need to do and lets you create a detailed schedule with a checklist for the things you need to do before the wedding. This is a simple app that gives you the ability to plan for your wedding anywhere and keeps you in check with your spending summary so that you won’t go over budget.

3- Wedding LookBook (free)

You’ve probably been working on your special day’s lookbook ever since you were a little girl. Dreaming of which wedding dress you are gonna wear and pinning in your dream engagement ring. Well, now that LookBook scratch book is an app. Wedding LookBook makes you search for beautiful dresses and lets you find the perfect wedding style that best suits you. Also, you can pick from different engagement rings and wedding bands. You can do all of this just by opening the app from anywhere.

4- Pinterest (free)

*Available for both iOS & Android

You can plan your entire wedding on Pinterest. But most importantly Pinterest offers a great wedding inspiration. You will find the great wedding ideas, trendy wedding dresses, jaw-dropping engagement rings, the prettiest bridal hairstyles, and much more in this one-stop shop. Start pinning your favorite wedding-related images and download this app for a wedding full of new exciting ideas.


5- Mint (free)

*Available for both iOS & Android

We know the biggest problem that faces the soon-to-be-weds is the big elephant in the room and that's MONEY! So make sure you don’t go over your budget and download this budgeting planner ASAP.  


6- Oyster (free)

And now for the best part, planning the perfect honeymoon requires extensive research, Oyster will help you find great honeymoon destinations. Download this travel app and find everything you need to know about your destination. So that you go there prepared!


7- Shh! (free)

*Available for both iOS & Android

Always remember you are THE bride! Make sure you get your good night beauty sleep you deserve and let go. This app will help you sleep well at night! That way you make sure you are going to be falling asleep at night without letting your anxious thoughts take you away.


We hope these apps help you plan your big day worry-free and gives you a free time on your hand to just sit back and relax.

Happy planning ahead!

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