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What NOT to do before your wedding

If you’re on top of your wedding checklist like a total boss, you probably already know what last-minute tasks to tackle in the days leading up to “I do.” But have you considered what not to do the week of your wedding? Here’s what you should avoid in your final stage of wedding prep—steer clear of these potential mistakes to help minimize stress (you’ll thank yourself later).


A Brand-New Workout Routine

We’re not saying don’t decompress with exercise, we’re just saying a new boot camp program with four days to go is not the smartest plan. Either try it out with at least a month to go, or save it as a post-wedding activity. There’s nothing fun about having crazy-sore hamstrings when you need to stand at the altar and chat with distant relatives for hours. (Not to mention the potential for injury.) 


Different Hair Care or Style

To make sure you don’t do anything you’ll regret, avoid getting a drastic chop or dye job. Schedule any haircuts, coloring or treatments well in advance to make sure you have enough time to fix any problems.


Different Skin Care Treatment or Products

This is another beauty treatment warning to heed. Make microdermabrasion or chemical peel appointments far out from your date, and stay away from new-to-you skin care products—you never know what could make you break out or feel off in some way. Stick to what you know to look and feel like the best version of yourself.


Getting Sunburned

If you’ll be outside or in the sun at any point during this time, cover up with at least an SPF 30 sunscreen. Not only do burns hurt, but who wants to look like a peeling lobster for their wedding?


Skipping Meals

Never skip meals! And keep snacks on hand so you can nibble on the go if need be. Food is your fuel—which you’ll definitely need at this point. Plus, a hungry bride can hover dangerously near the “bridezilla” line. And skip that juice cleanse idea until after you’ve said “I do.”


Skimping on Sleep

That’s right—no all-nighters with only your seating chart to keep you company. Getting enough sleep is essential to pretty much everything, from maintaining a good mood to banishing under-eye circles.


Chugging Caffeine 

Keeping your caffeine intake in check will help you avoid dehydration and catch those necessary zzz’s. Plus, overdoing it on caffeine can add to any natural jitters and irritation you might feel in those last couple days. 


Broaching Sensitive Topics

Don’t wait until you have one week left to have serious conversations with your almost spouse. If both have careers, whose job determines where you will live? How many kids do you want (if any)? Topics like these definitely need to be covered well before the wedding—preferably even before you get engaged. 


Doing Everything Yourself

If you haven’t already, it’s time to start delegating so you can focus on your own to-dos (like getting your marriage license squared away, enjoying a mani-pedi and packing for your honeymoon). Let your family and friends help with last-minute tasks like checking in with your vendors and making sure your welcome bags get distributed properly.


DIY-ing Last Minute

We know it looks lovely on your inspiration board, but those DIY escort cards and ceremony programs are not as easy as they appear. Don’t procrastinate on these projects—whatever money you save will be paid for in panic attacks.


Stressing Over Small Things

We know it’s tough, but now’s the time to practice letting small stressors roll off your shoulders—and it’s definitely not the time for a meltdown. We promise, once the wedding’s over it’s your marriage that matters, not the fact that your florist included a few blush blooms even though you specified no pink.

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