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​​​​Few Tips To Consider When Planning Your Wedding At Home

Whether you had to postpone, change or cancel your wedding plan due to the coronavirus pandemic, nothing should stop you from celebrating your special marriage. Why not consider a smaller celebration at your house place? something more safe, cozy and personal.

It might sound strange to you, it might not be what you wanted, it might sound like a mess or even seem impossible to get family and friends to come over. However, it’s very doable! And although you might be disappointed that the big wedding you’ve been organising and waiting for is over before it even happened, you can still create something memorable and affordable at home. 

Here are a few ideas and tips to help you out:

1. An unforgettable gathering with the closest ones

  • Plan a day where your family or close friends or both come over to your place.
  • Get dressed into your wedding gown as bride and groom. 
  • Decorate the entrance and wedding space with lights, flowers, candles and banners.  
  • Make some space for a dance and organise seats and tables for your guests.
  • If you have a garden or balcony, you could also use that space. 
  • Play your wedding playlist, the same one that was going to be played at the venue. 
  • Have a buffet with light snacks and some drinks nicely prepared for your guests.
  • Get a talented friend to take photos and videos to be kept as memories. 
  • Don’t forget your guest book, so people can write their warmest wishes. 
  • You can also wear some masks and gloves for a laugh or actual protection, in light of coronavirus - a critical time in history in which you got married. 

2. A worldwide virtual wedding

  • Check the time difference between your country and other countries in which your relatives of friends live. 
  • Contact them pre-wedding and explain your virtual plan and invite them to join. 
  • Ask them to set the mood from their end on the day so that everyone is actually engaged and celebrating the fun. 
  • On the wedding day, dress up as bride and groom and have the place ready to go with decorations and festive music. 
  • You can dance and sing with your partner as your family and friends celebrate your happiness with you virtually.


  • Get your bridesmaids to cheer you up and have a blast at your place. 
  • Choose a theme to and buy decorations. 
  • Provide the girls with customised bridesmaid robes and accessories if you had them ready previously (it’s not a must).
  • Create a fun playlist that with some of your friends favourite songs so you can dance all night. 
  • Prepare some snacks and drinks to enjoy with a movie or with party activities. 
  • Do some girly stuff such as refreshing face masks, nail painting, henna art and face painting. 
  • The girls can help you set up the house the night before and then clean it afterwards. 
  • Take some silly photos and have a laugh.

4. Just the two of you as husband & wife

  • Prepare a special dinner and some drinks.
  • Light some candles and play some romantic music to set the mood. 
  • Imagine the audience are actually there and celebrate an imaginary wedding. 
  • Take a dance and mark the moment as a lifetime memory. 
  • Cut the cake, put the rings on and take some pictures.
  • Make some promises and keep them. 

Just remember to maintain good hygiene, enjoy the moment and remind yourself that perhaps coronavirus came along to give you some personal space, allow you to celebrate in a closer and more meaningful way. And you can also check Marriage In The Time Of Coronavirus, And how marriages were affected by corona panademic

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