Home Planning Want to Maximize Your Tiny Homie?

Want to Maximize Your Tiny Homie?

Small spaces, restricted ideas, closed area, mini house and tiny homie. 

This is directed to the newlywed who are starting their lives in their small and tiny kingdom. 


Many couples face the problem of having a small house at the beginning of their lives in which they want to achieve all their goals and create all what they dreamed of.


However, the problem that most of them face is to have a small house in which they start their life in, and they think that they can never maximize the space they have. 


We have the solutions!

Here are some ways to maximize your tiny homie:


1- Add lofts wherever you can:


Lofts are small second flat that is build over a room with a high ceiling to use the empty space.

It helps in taking advantage of the high ceiling and could be a whole new room.


2- Utilize any under-stairs spaces:


If you have stairs in your home, you can definitely use the space under it as an open space or closed storage not only for decoration.


3- Do unexpected storages


Unexpected storages are always useful, try to find an empty area in your house and make storages in.


4- Use sliding doors:


Sliding doors are doors that help in saving spaces.


5- Use Glasses instead of walls:


The usage of glasses instead of walls gives the feeling of wideness 


6- Use Curtains instead of doors:


Curtains instead of doors are also useful, stylish and save space and money.


7- Mirrors, mirrors and mirrors:


Mirrors are good sources of reflecting space which helps your eye to see a wider place.


8- Use shelves not only for books:


Shelves are not only used for books but also for storage and decoration.


9- Add light and pop colors:


Light and pop colors gives the impression of a wider place and relaxing feelings


10- Keep it simple:


Whenever you make it simpler and easier for the eye, everything will fall into place and your tiny homie will look as a huge kingdom. 

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