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A Bride’s Celebration Is Never Complete Without a Henna Party: Make Your Party Stand out with These Tips!

We know that you need to celebrate the big night with your close friends and family. Your Henna party is your getaway to dance, sing, and dress up freely without any restrictions. let's have a closer look at some points that will help you plan your Henna party and make it extra special!


Most brides host their Henna parties at their parents' house, where family and friends spend time helping the bride-to-be to get ready and assisting her mom in cooking and cleaning. If your parents' house is small or you don't feel like having a party in it, you can rent a villa backyard or another outdoor location for your guests.


Your budget determines how the entire night is going to be like. But don't worry! You can still have a great time even if you're on a budget. If you want to keep expenses under control, you can rent speakers and play the songs of your choice using flash memory. Regarding the outfits, you can buy affordable costumes from Al-Azhar. Additionally, your mom or aunts can make the cake and decorate it instead of buying one.

However, if you want an extravagant party, you can hire a party planner or look for individuals who offer Henna shows. Usually, they bring the costumes and, sometimes, the cake. So, you don't have to do anything else besides hiring them and having fun! In one night you get to be Indian, Caribbean, Disney princess, and what’s more, you get a chance to unleash your inner Fifi Abdou.


Some party shows bring decorations to a bride's party. However, if you don’t hire someone, you can buy the decorations on your own. Have a quick look at some pictures on the internet for inspiration. You can even choose a theme, be it a color or TV show.


Invite only the girls that you love and care about; you’re not obligated to invite every girl you know! Your close friends and family members should top your guest list. When it comes to your future mother and sister-in-law, you don’t have to invite them. However, if you feel like their presence matters to you, then you should ask them to come.


A Henna night is similar to any party, where guests are offered food and beverage. Make sure that the menu is diverse to appeal to everyone. The presentation should be classy as well, so pay close attention to the tableware and make sure it’s stylish and neat. You can hire a chef to create a complete menu or your lovely mom, sisters, cousins, and aunts can work hand-in-hand to cook for the guests.


Traditionally, on this special occasion, the bride and her guests get their hands and feet painted by Henna. So, it only makes sense to hire a Henna artist or two to paint beautiful patterns. While many brides may not be too keen on getting their hands and feet painted, it still is a beautiful tradition that can make your night super special and unique.


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