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Is It Wise to Have an Adults-Only Wedding? Let’s Find out!

It is totally up to you to invite whoever you like to your wedding. Although kids wear cute outfits to weddings, they tend to have destructive motives that make it hard for brides to enjoy their big day. It is crucial to know how to ask your guests politely not to bring their children. Let’s have a closer look at how to plan an adults-only ceremony.

Know How to Address Your Invitations

Whether you’re sending invitation cards, making calls, or creating a Facebook invitation event, make sure to address the exact names of those you want to invite. For example, when you call a friend who has children, say her name and her husband’s only. The same goes for invitation cards, even though it’s going to take longer to write everyone’s name on each card!

Don’t Say It Directly!

You shouldn’t feel ashamed that you want your wedding to be a kid-free zone, but it is impolite to state clearly that you don’t want children on your big day. In fact, this matter is very sensitive to people who come out of town and couples with infants. Try to ask your family members and friends to spread the word before your wedding so everyone can be prepared.

Call Guests Who Think Their Children Are Invited

Some people may not pay attention to your no-kids notice, while others may simply disregard your wishes and bring their children. In both scenarios, call everyone who assumes that they can bring their little ones and tell them politely that you want to have a kid-free wedding. You may even hear from family members that they’re unhappy with your wish. In this situation, it is wise to call them and explain why it is difficult to have kids at the wedding ceremony.

Don’t Expect Everyone to Be Happy

Your decision may receive lots of rejections and complaints. People may just give up the whole notion of coming to your wedding. Don’t let that shake you or make you change your mind. Your big day is all about you and your happiness, so do whatever makes you satisfied. In addition, don’t get upset if some guests can’t make it; their circumstances may not allow them to come without their little ones.

How To Say It?

Regardless of how you’re going to invite your guests, you can always add a few words to hint indirectly that they shouldn’t bring their kids to the wedding. These statements can work brilliantly for you:

“Let your hair down and enjoy free moments without the little ones!”

“We adore your kids, but we decided to give you some time off. Sweet dreams to the little ones”

“We want our guests to enjoy and celebrate without having to worry about their little ears and eyes, so come alone please!”


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