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You’re the Maid of Honor?! Here’s What You Need to Know about This Role!

Being your best friend’s maid of honor is such an incredible recognition, which mean that she trusts you and your judgment. You’re expected to handle all the big responsibilities on behalf of the bride and ensure that her big day is mistake-free. That said, read the following points to fully understand this role and what’s expected from you as a maid of honor.

I’ll Be There for You…

The closer the wedding is, the more nervous the bride becomes and the more she needs you. That’s why you should always be there for her. Of course, that doesn’t mean slaving for her. You just need to be available as much as you can to help the bride overcome any difficulties, insecurities, or cold feet.

I understood the Assignment

When you say yes to being to BFF’s maid of honor, you must know that you have a lot of work to do. You’re expected to take care of a few things that include going dress shopping with the bride, attending the fittings, planning the bachelorette party, throwing a bridal shower, and supervising the bridesmaids’ dresses.

It’s Shopping Time!

Finding the perfect bridal gown may take forever. That’s why you should accompany your best friend to many bridal shops until you find the one. You should be the bride’s mirror and say your honest opinion to help her achieve the perfect look on her big day. Additionally, you and the bridesmaids need to go shopping for dresses as well.

Control the Bridesmaids Drama

We all know that whenever there’s a group of ladies, there is drama. Well, you need to stay on top of any dramatic scenes created by the bridesmaids. You will surely encounter a situation where one of the bridesmaids is not happy with the dress or its color; she may even say that to the bride. As a maid of honor, you need to handle these situations and ensure that everyone is happy.

Here Comes the Bride

After all the preparations, sleepless nights, and efforts you’ve done to make sure everything is flawless, it is the big day finally. Your role doesn’t end here. You’re expected to be by the bride’s side, assure her that she looks gorgeous, and help her when she needs to retouch her makeup or go to the bathroom.

Don’t forget to enjoy that special day with your friends and have fun!

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