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9 Beauty Salon Treatments Every Bride Should Do Before Her Wedding

As a bride, you need to feel beautiful and look your best on your big day. While we may know the obvious things that every bride should do at a beauty salon, there are important things you may not know about. Read on to know 9 treatments you should take care of before you get married.


Every girl’s dream is to have fuller and thicker brows without the need to adjust them with makeup. In this semi-permanent process, hair-like incision lines are applied to the surface of the skin with a nano-blade, only penetrating the upper skin. Depending on the result you want, you can simply fill in thin areas with a color matching technique or make your brows darker for a more noticeable look. Results can last for a year or two.

Derma Rolling

If you feel like your skin is dull and starts to sag, try Derma Rolling. Basically, it is a small tubular drum with microneedles that gets rolled over the surface of the face, causing microscopic holes that stimulate the skin to repair and encourage cell regeneration. You will notice greater production of collagen and smoother and younger skin. Although you can purchase home kits, we recommend that you consult a professional.


This is an exfoliating method that gets rid of the top layer of dead skin cells and fine hair from your face. Dermaplaning leaves skin silky smooth, allowing for flawless makeup application, better skincare absorption, and results that last up for a whole month.


Being the center of attention on your wedding day makes it imperative to pay extra attention to your face before the big event. Whether you are prone to acne or dryness, there is a facial treatment that is right for you and your skin type. Talk to a professional about your concerns and let them create a custom facial treatment to treat problem areas, ensuring flawless skin.

Hair Shining Treatment

For smooth and shiny hair, polishing treatment is essential. You can get both vivid and colorful variations, should you need a color boost too. The polishing treatment is semi-permanent, allowing for rich and lively results without being committed. They promote volume and texture, soothe frizz, and even remove brassy undertones from blonde hair.

Lash Tint and Extensions

You can go for longer or thicker lashes on your wedding day using mascara and fake lashes, but don't you want to fix those rebellious lashes for after the wedding too? Try individually applied fiber eyelash extensions that start to lose their mark as early as 2-3 weeks. There are different types of lashes, including more natural bristles as well as horse and synthetic lashes. You can choose whatever you want from them depending on the desired effect. Alternatively, if you are happy with your current lashes, try eyelash tint to give your natural lashes more definition. You can also consider a lash lift to make your lashes longer and lively.

Threading and Waxing

It seems like a no brainer to all the brides-to-be to book a wax appointment a couple of days before the wedding, focusing on the four key areas: bikini line, legs, armpits, and eyebrows. Unless you've settled on an eyebrow treatment like microblading, consider threading as it offers a professional finish and long-lasting results.


Kick back and relax your body with a full massage that pays special attention to your most jittery areas, such as the upper back and shoulders. After all the efforts you make to plan your perfect wedding, you deserve a full body massage as a reward; it will keep your muscles loose and flexible on the big day.

Manicure and Pedicure

Add the finishing touches with manicure and pedicure that will give you a feeling of perfection. If you’re a classic bride who’s looking for a classy finish, you should consider neutral colors or a French manicure and pedicure. However, there are endless ways for a bride to add a pop of color.


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