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11 Items Every Newlywed Needs in Her Kitchen

As we all know, once a girl gets married, she probably spends hours in the kitchen every day. This is when you realize that the kitchen essentials should top your bridal list. Even if you’re hiring a cook, it is important to arm your kitchen with all the utensils necessary for cooking. That said, let’s have a closer look at what you need in your kitchen as a newlywed.

A Pot Set

The first thing you’ll need to cook any meal is a pot set that has four or five different-sized pots, a skillet, and an oven pan. Although moms encourage their daughters to buy two or three sets (stainless steel, granite, and ceramic cookware), a single set is perfectly enough.

China and Crystal

Regardless of how fancy you want your China and crystal to be, they are an important addition to your kitchen. They come in handy when your guests visit or when you invite your families over for lunch or dinner. Some people even decide not to buy great place settings and utilize their China for daily use.

A Silverware Set

Every bride should have a silverware set that can either include 6 or 12 of every item. Some people prefer to keep their silverware only for guests or fancy dinners. If you want to do the same, make sure you buy a smaller set for daily use.

Food Containers

Whether you want to store leftovers or organize your pantry, you need food containers. You can find plastic and glass ones, so buy whatever suits you and your budget. They’re not only useful for storing food, but they can also make your cabinets look more organized and appealing.

Quality Knives

Nothing beats a high-quality, sharp knife set that proves useful when cutting, chopping, shredding, or even peeling. Make sure you specify a knife for poultry and beef and another for vegetables and fruits. The knife set can be on the pricey side, but it is essential to make your life easier.

Cutting Boards

Since we mentioned knives, it only makes sense to purchase cutting boards as well. The same goes for the boards when it comes to the food you’re cutting. There should be a specific one for uncooked meat and another for veggies and fruits.

Measuring Cups and Spoons

If you’re new to cooking or it is your first time to make recipes from scratch, you’re going to need measuring cups. It is important to add the right measurements to ensure a meal’s success. These utensils come in handy when making dessert, in particular, because adding less flour or more butter can ruin the whole recipe.

Cooking Utensil Set with Holder

It is far from ideal to use a small spoon to stir whatever you’re cooking. Instead, you should have a utensil set that comes with different pieces for various purposes. You will get spoons, forks, a whisk, spatula, and tongs. It is best to buy a silicone or wooden set to leave your pots and pans unscratched.

A Pyrex Set of 3

In addition to your pots and pans, you need Pyrex trays, where you can make delicious recipes in the over. They’re durable and easy to manage. Make sure you don’t place them on wet surfaces when they’re hot or before you place them in the oven because they can shatter into pieces.

Cups and Mugs

Think about your quality time with your hubby or when you need that morning cup of coffee. These moments require a couple of mugs or more, according to your preference. Don’t forget when visitors come over, you have to show hospitality by offering drinks. So, it is wise to purchase plenty of cups for these occasions too.

Kettle and/or Coffee Maker

A kettle is essential to have boiled water on your hands to use when cooking or making hot beverages. Egyptians are known for their unconditional love for a cup of tea, so make sure you have tea bags, sugar, and mint leaves right next to your kettle. However, if you’re a coffee person, you can also invest in a coffee maker to fulfill your caffeine cravings.


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