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Get Prepared to Meet Your Future In-Laws for the First Time with These Helpful Tips

Did he finally propose? Yay! That’s great news! Get ready because you’re about to meet his family. We know you may have tons of questions on your mind right now, like “will they like me?” and “how to impress them?” There is no need to panic. We have an awesome list to prepare you for your future in-laws first visit.

We’ll divide this guide into four categories:

What to Wear

This is the first time your future in-laws are going to see you. Your appearance must be classy yet not over-the-top. Stick to simple makeup with neutral colors. Avoid wearing jeans or t-shirts. A classy pair of pants, simple dress, or skirt will be excellent and pair them with an elegant blouse. Keep your accessories and hair minimalistic. If you wear hijab, make sure it is simple and chic. Don’t go for vibrant colors or an all-black look. Stay modest and stylish by combining pleasant shades that match your skin tone.

How to Talk

The first visit can make you uncomfortable and nervous. However, you must try to present your best self. Embrace who you are, showing only your decent manners. Don’t try too hard to impress everyone because you will sound fake. There is nothing better than using your normal tone of voice and usual choice of words. Don’t try to force a few English or French words into your speech to sound sophisticated. Make sure to lower your voice as it is disrespectful to shout or talk loudly. Pay attention to words articulation; you need to sound clear and precise so that everyone in the room can hear and understand what you’re saying.

What to Do

Your father should be the one opening the door welcoming the guests in your house. Being polite and showing pleasant manners is a sign of generosity. On the first visit, there shouldn’t be lunch or big meals. Offering drinks and bite-size snacks is ideal. If the guests bring chocolate or food, make sure you present it along with something you already have.

How to Communicate

First things first, never talk about football, politics, religion, sickness, death, or money. These discussions are personal and objective and may ruin the whole visit. This is the first time his parents are going to meet yours, so focus on introducing yourselves, talking about your jobs and hobbies, and sharing some jokes to lighten up the mood. The purpose of this visit is to see whether both families are compatible with each other. That’s why you need to agree with your parents on a signal, should you feel unhappy or sense that it’s not going to work. The signal can be a word or a move. Your parents then should wrap up the gathering.


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