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Fabrea Home Is All What You Need for a Luxurious Home!

Have you ever wished to live in a luxurious hotel room, where you can find comfy bedding and the fluffiest pillows ever? With Fabrea, your dream can come true. Since 1985, Fabrea has been supplying 5-star hotels with 100% cotton linens, sheet sets, mattress toppers, pillows, duvets, covers, bath towels, and protectors. Everything you can think of to turn your bedroom into a fascinating haven can be found in Fabrea.

No matter what the size of your bed is, you will find what you’re looking for in Fabrea. Whether you’re looking for comfort, uniqueness, practicality, or simplicity, this brand will deliver. They have a big variety of collections with distinctive designs, prints, and colors that suit all tastes and preferences. They also have “Bundles for Less,” which can save you a lot of money. Fabrea also answers to all budgets; you can find many items on sale with affordable prices and plenty of luxury sheet sets that can make your bedroom truly stand out.

Not only will your bedroom feel luxurious and chic with Fabrea, your bathroom too can be elevated to reach the richness level of a five-star hotel. The brand’s bathroom’s products, such as bathrobes, towels, slippers, and bath mats can truly make a difference and allow you to feel comfortable as well as lavish.

Inspired by the words: “fabric” and “brea,” which means strong, the brand’s name has been carefully chosen. Different from any textile brand, Fabrea is a representation of its name. Making durable and strong fabrics is the major inspiration to start this family business using the world's finest and strongest cotton. The ambitious family decided to use the father’s experience as a physician to prove to the world that Egyptians can do wonders with their natural resources. He began to spread ideas among his family and they then found their way to expand and build what he started. The company has evolved into one of the leading manufacturers of hotel linen in the Middle East. By expanding the Giza factory to 12,000 m2, with 400 employees and more than 300 machines, Fabrea has become one of the best global brands in the hotel and household linen industry, known for its extravagant designs and brilliant customer service.

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