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10 Things Every Bride Should Consider in an Outdoor Summer Wedding

Summer is the most time of the year when everyone gets married. Couples tend to choose summer because of its warmth, brightness, and overall happy vibes. Moreover, some of the most exquisite honeymoon destinations are in their prime in the summertime. That said, as a bride, you need to take care of a few things while planning your summer wedding, so read on for 10 amazing tips.

Avoid the Heat

We all know how hot the weather can be in the summertime, so you should avoid the hottest part of the day, which is probably from noon till 4 pm. If you’re planning an outdoor venue, we recommend waiting until mid to late evening to avoid making your guests sweat throughout the occasion.

Go for Light Dress Code

Choosing the bridesmaids' dresses is your mission, so you need to keep their comfort in mind. For an outdoor wedding, we recommend airy and light dresses. Take your time to learn more about fabrics and choose one or a few that would make your bridesmaids feel comfortable and breezy.

Stay Ahead of Bad Weather

Even though summer starts in June, it gets pretty hot in Egypt way before that. So, in case your wedding is in April or May, you should anticipate bad weather. It can rain all of a sudden, which can ruin your venue and be a huge bummer to everyone. Make sure you read the weather reports ahead of time and have a plan B, should things go wrong.

Provide Shade for Everyone

One of the most annoying things in summer is that the sun is inescapable. Wherever you go, the heat will hit you hard. Therefore, you need to provide shade for your guests, especially if it is an outdoor wedding. There should be an umbrella covering every table; otherwise, your guests will stay in their cars or simply leave.

Keep the Buffet Light

Unfortunately, delicious, heavy meals tend to slow people down. That’s why you need to keep the food fresh and light so that your guests can be energized. Grilled vegetables, salads, and fresh fruits are great choices. Of course, you can add meat, but stay away from roasts or big steaks.

Remind Your Guests to Bring Sunscreen

If you’re sending out invitation cards, make sure to remind your invitees to bring sunblock as a courtesy. You don’t want your guests to go back home with severe sunburns instead of happy memories. You can also specify a station where you can add sunscreen bottles for your guests.

Pick the Right Décor and Flowers

Because summer brings happy vibes and brightness to the whole universe, your wedding décor should reflect that. Whether you have a wedding planner or you’re doing everything on your own, it is recommended to go for a white wedding design with a burst of blue, yellow, and coral to add a refreshing touch. For the outdoor décor, make sure you choose hardy flowers that don’t get affected by the heat, such as succulents or tropical flowers.

Choose a Summer-Friendly Hairstyle

While letting your long hair down on your big day is trendy and elegant, you may regret this decision. It is wise to wear your hair up to keep the heat off your neck and shoulders. Moreover, your hairstylist needs to ensure that your hair won’t be ruined by humidity or wind.

Provide Cool Drinks and Dessert

For an extra summery touch that your guests will appreciate, you can add frozen desserts like ice creams, frozen cocktails, or fruit pies to the buffet besides your wedding cake. You need to ensure that all of the water bottles and drinks are cool as well.

Provide Cooling Gadgets

For a typical hot outdoor wedding, every table should have handheld battery-run fans or classy paper fans to help your guests cool themselves down.


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