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Stressing over your wedding? We’ve got you covered with these 5 tips!

       A wedding happens only once in a lifetime, where the majority of brides would be stressed over making it an unforgettable night. So, if you are about to get married, you should know that it is completely normal to experience feelings of stress and anxiety. You feel like you have so much on your plate from choosing your dress, booking your wedding venue, to preparing your guest list and of course pampering yourself. Trust me, that’s completely normal! However, with simple acts during the day, you can reduce these negative. You are about to read 5 essential tips that make you less anxious and more relaxed.


Meditate and focus on your breathing


      Many people have heard about the concept of meditation and its calming effect, but have you actually tried it? In fact, meditating will bring you inner peace by helping you understand yourself and think clearly in a positive direction. Also, it will improve your physical health by sleeping better, increasing your focus and attention span. Experts recommended meditating before the wedding to easily cope with the whole planning hassle. In case you’re wondering how to meditate, you only need a quite comfortable space to sit by yourself and begin your journey of mindfulness. Adding onto that, breathing properly is an important part of your mindfulness journey. So, take your time to just focus on inhaling and exhaling properly, several times!

Stay hydrated


   As a bride-to-be with many tasks to accomplish, it is essential to stay hydrated during the day. Drinking water can boost your organs to function more properly which will give you more energy. And of course, you can’t forget about the clear and glowy skin you’ll have. So how can you maintain an optimal hydration before your wedding? Well, experts suggest drinking about 2.7 liters a day. It is also recommended to drink a cup of water right after waking up, before and after each meal in a day.

Keep a To-Do list


    Waking up every morning with a lot of tasks in mind can be overwhelming. That’s why, it is important to keep a to-do list with all the things you should start, complete or finish. With a list by your side, you can easily set your priorities straight as well as keep track of every detail about

Take a break from social media


  Social media can affect your brain in negative ways, especially when you start comparing yourself with others. With your wedding day approaching, you should try staying calm and positive. Taking a social media break can be a good idea to boost your mood and allow to just focus on yourself. In case, you are social butterfly, you can at least reduce your social media consumption each day. According to experts, limiting your time spent on social media to 30 mins per day won’t affect your health!

Exercise in the morning


   Aside from losing weight and getting fit for the dress, working out can improve your overall mood by stimulating happy hormones. It is recommended for a bride-to-be to exercise. You will definitely feel calmer and less anxious for the rest of day. In case, you are now thinking that you have no time to go to the gym, you can simply exercise at home. There are plenty of bridal workouts waiting for you!


Last but not least, you are not alone in this journey and you have so many people around you to give you love and support anytime.


Congratulations, you are one step away from getting married to the love of your life!

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