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Mistakes To Avoid While Planning Your Wedding

  By: YWG Team                                                            





              Planning for wedding is not an easy process. It is interesting and exhausting at the same time. The bride is always concentrating on the smallest details. She begins to feel confused and stressed most of the time, because her goal is to make her wedding seems perfect. It is quite easy to make simple mistakes which will cause her a big headache later. One of the keys to a successful planning is to do things in a particular order.



Know about these Mistakes and learn how to avoid them while planning your own special day:

  • Planning your wedding before setting a general budget:

The bride and groom have to fix their budget first, before deciding any plans, so they can know how many people they can afford to host, or they will end up inviting more guests than they have planned and find themselves in a big mess. Once the budget is decided, it is the perfect time to come up with a guest list.


  • Expecting  that the wedding planner will take care of everything:

Sometimes your wedding planner suggestions do not fit you. They are based on locations where he/she has planned other destination weddings in before. If there is anything you want to get done or not feeling comfortable about, take on being in charge, ask questions because it is your own wedding.


  • Hiring the first vendor you meet:

It is a big mistake to choose quickly the vendor without checking out first some important details. Interview the vendors and make sure they are professional and can provide you quality service at your wedding. Check their previous work too, as this will help you choose right.


  • You are your own wedding planner:

You cannot plan your own wedding depending only on yourself. Hire a professional wedding planner who can handle this process on his own according to his years of experience.


  • Not having an Alternate location:

In case you have an outdoor wedding arrangement, you have to think surely about another location. You don’t know may be it rains on your wedding day.


  • Choosing a smaller dress size according to your wedding weight goal:

We think you don’t want any weird surprises on your wedding day. Order the dress in your normal size as it eases the process of not being more stressed.


  • Hiring unprofessional for your wedding:

You have been dreaming for a long time about your perfect wedding day. But if you skipped these small details you will end up feeling upset. It is very important to choose the right people for the right place, like videographers and photographers. Professional people will do a great job, though you have to pay  much more for their services. But you can guarantee having your dream come true.




                     Remember that wedding planning is a huge task. Everything will not go as you want when planning your wedding. It needs more accuracy and patience. You should not be rushed. Try to avoid stress by starting your wedding planning early, as there is no need to be put under pressure. Give yourself time because you deserve to fulfill your dreams and make your wedding such as perfect as you wished.



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