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How To Set Your Wedding Budget




     Your wedding is getting closer. Setting up a wedding budget is a hard task. You may feel confused. You have to think first how you want your wedding to look, set  your budget and then calculate how much money will you spend. You will include a lot of things like location, flowers, cake food and wedding dress. But don’t get scared of all these things. By proper organizing you will be able to set all what you want and know where you are standing. Just try to start planning early.

Some tips will help you to set your wedding budget:

  • Make a list of items you need for your wedding. Categorize your items by Starting with the priorities. Separate needs from wants. Decide which items you can compromise.


  • The first important item that needs an accurate arrangement is your guests list. You have to manage your guests list. You will first calculate how much you will spend on average per guest. If you end up with a budget shortage you can reduce the number of your guests.


  • The second important issue is your marriage and reception venue costs. You will see many venues and each one differs in costs. Some will be expensive and some will be moderate. Try to choose the reception with a price you can afford.


  • There are more important items like wedding gowns, wedding jewelry, accessories and decorations. You are setting now your budget and you are the one who will decide how much you will spend. Surely you want a perfect wedding and you want to look like a princess. But you are not forced to spend money like a princess too.


  • Ending with your honeymoon costs. Check your honeymoon destination that you wish to go to. After deciding the place, you must make sure that your honeymoon trip is booked and confirmed. Try to stick to your budget as close as possible.



      Try to save money for your wedding items. The more early you start planning is better for you. Take your time of thinking in what you really want for your wedding. You can also ask your close friends advice. They will help you. Consult your parents. You can also search wedding guidelines magazines. Don’t worry if you forgot an item or two. It is not the end of the world. Imagine that this is a business plan. It just needs organization and patience. No quick decisions are needed. Eventually you will find yourself on the right track. You will be surprised of your perfect wedding planning.


Written By: YWG Team

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