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Last Minute Wedding Preparations


    You are finally getting married. It is your big day. You get ready for the wedding ceremony. You want to check your final preparations. You have a list of things to do the last minute before your ceremony. Here are some wedding preparations to look for before the ceremony begins:

Check your confirmations:

You have to check the recommended time for delivery of your cake, flowers and other details. You have to confirm their arrival in time. It is preferable to let your wedding planner to confirm these preparations.



Gown perfect fit:

You have to ensure that your wedding dress is ready. You should check your final fitting a week pre-wedding. Also prepare all the bridal accessories that you are going to wear on your big day.



Wedding emergency kit:

Make a list of the things you may need on your wedding day, starting from a mini sewing kit, wipes and makeup. You should be prepared to handle any situation in case there is a sudden problem.




Your wedding album will be very important. It is your big day and surely you want to create a stunning album. Talk with your photographer about this issue. Make sure that every significant moment will be captured.



Honeymoon essentials:

You have to pack your bags for your honeymoon a day earlier before your wedding so you do not forget anything you want to take with you. Check your passport and your bags before your big day. Make sure that all your honeymoon essentials are packed.



      At the end you have to relax for some time before the wedding. As wedding planning was very stressful, you can pamper yourself pre-wedding. Go to the spa and let yourself have a great time there. Try to sleep well before your wedding as this will help you appear radiant and beautiful.


By: YWG Team


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