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How to Deal with Wedding Emergencies

Facing some emergencies on your wedding day is a normal thing. You should expect some issues on your big day. You have to be ready to solve them. By don’t worry as there is always a solution for everything. What to do if some skin problems happened to you on your wedding day? The answer is simple. Don’t get scared or stressed, here you will know every solution for your skin emergencies.




Puffy eyes:

Don’t panic as you can treat your puffy eyes on your wedding day easily. Get two spoons and put them in the freezer for 15 minutes. Them pick them and place them on your eyelids. This solution works really well as it will calm the area around your eyes.



Surely it is the worst thing that may happen to you on your wedding day and picking your pimple is much worse as it will leave a scar on your face. Instead you can apply an ice cube on your blemish for 10 minutes. Ice will help reduce the inflammation. After this you can apply your acne treatment cream. The pimple will shrink.



Red skin:

It is a common problem that many brides face on their wedding day due to stress and nervousness. Its solution is simple. Just try to stay in a cool place as much as you can. Try to stay calm and keep the room temperature cool. This will help reduce the redness of your face.


Shiny face:

If you have an oily skin or sitting in a hot temperature you may get more shiny skin. This can be solved easily if you used a small package of blotting papers and another effective solution is applying your loose powder. You will look matt through following these simple solutions.


Every bride will face some problems on her wedding day, don’t panic or get stressed. Just enjoy every moment and you will have a solution for every problem.


By: YWG Team

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